Mon Roi (My King)

French Film Stories

Vincent Cassell is Georgio crowned a 'King' by Tony (Emmanuelle Bercot) Vincent Cassel is Georgio, crowned ‘King’ by Tony (Emmanuelle Bercot)

Director Maïwenn proves the fragility of liberated and moneyed romance by throwing it against a wall and letting it bleed. Georgio (Vincent Cassel) is Tony’s (Emmanuelle Bercot) love-thrill addicted ‘King’ whose crown bounces precariously atop his mop of curls. Tony put the crown there because she is in love with him: she’s addicted to his charm and his energy, and it is destroying her.

Mon Roi is a searing account of infidelity and aching disappointment. Tony has allowed herself to fall in love with and marry the kind of man that is best kept as a lover. It clearly chimed with a modern-relationship truth at Cannes earlier this year: Bercot won the award for best actress.

The narrative is told from Tony’s point of view, through a succession of memories recalled from a rehabilitation centre. There’s nothing like breaking your…

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